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Environmental Committee Quick Notes


Environmental Committee FYI

* Shred-a-Thon Saturday, May 19th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or until

is full. Location: Beaufort County Community College.

* Caution: Box
Turtles are on the move! Please take time to watch for them on our streets and
roads. Don't 'assume' that every bump in the

is a 'pine cone'! If you see a Box Turtle on the road and you can

safely stop to help just move it to the grassy side of the road in the

direction that it was going. They may hiss but do not bite! You can pick

up with a rag or paper towel or even your bare hand but remember to

wash with soap and water ASAP. Box Turtles have a high, domed shell

that is blackish brown with yellowish markings. They range in size from

2-7 inches in length. Heavy rain or many consecutive days of rain force

them to high ground ( roads ) because they are not good swimmers.

*Non-venomous snakes such as Black Rat Snakes, Black Racers, or

other rodent eating snakes that climb will on occasion eat eggs or

from bird houses. To protect the birds and these beneficial snakes

the post or pipe that supports you bird house with a coat of mentholated

rub that can be purchased at a dollar store. This makes the surface

slippery and the strong scent disguises the smell of the birds and

that attracts the snake. Rain usually will not affect the rub but

may be required when temperatures are very hot. For more info regarding

reptiles go to a great site
for this information!

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